Ad Placement On Wine Ponder

Just so we’re clear, I am a not doing this for the money… but I would be foolish not to take advantage of this wonderful advertising opportunity ; ) So be a good friend and advertise your business on Wine Ponder!

Advertise On Wine Ponder

  1. Right hand sidebar 125×125 (~$30/month)
  2. 660×200 inline ads (~$50/page/month)
  3. Inline text ads or affiliate link (~$20/page/month)
  4. Individual article sponsorship (negotiable)
  5. Targeted wine offers through e-campaign (variable commission)

We are currently running a promotion on one ad placement: 125×125 for $20 per month with a 2 month minimum of ad placement. Other size options and time frames are available upon requests and negotiations.

Advertise on Wine Ponder!

Contact us and ask us how to purchase ad impressions on Wine Ponder. For more information , please send us an email at

* Free ad design with a 2 month ad placement minimum.

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