The Responsibilities Of A Wine Cooler

Wine Coolers

If you live in California and you love wine, you probably have a wine cooler or a wine cellar. And if you don’t, well you oughta get one! But beware, owning a wine cooler or a wine cellar comes with responsibilities. There are two potential problems with owning a wine cooler or a wine cellar!   Drinking Wine Too Fast If you are a member of a wine club, you conveniently receive a tasteful collection of wine every now … Continue reading

Wine Songs

I grew up surrounded with people who cherish wine. Both sets of grandparents live in two very notorious and respected French Wine regions: Côtes du Rhône and Bourgogne (Burgundy). Needless to say, I imbibed a ton and learned even more while spending entire summers at my grandparents. There was just something about seeing the grapes being grown in that soft sunlight of France, and experiencing the whole wine-making process that really opened me up. There are large numbers of songwriters … Continue reading

Wine Corks And Cork FAQ

I gathered a few questions and answers about natural cork from the world wide web. Whether true or not, they make us think about our recycling obligations. The wine industry has introduced other ways to protect wine after finding its way inside the bottle. Those are synthetic stoppers and aluminum screw caps, both scientifically proven to be as good, if not better than natural cork. I guess I do have a preference for natural cork but ultimately, what really matters … Continue reading

Wine With A Pun In The Name

Everybody loves a good pun, especially when they’re clever. Puns are quite popular in parties and small gatherings, and so is wine. Little did you know, puns pair very well with wine… So much that they are used by winemakers themselves. So I came up with a list of wine with a pun in the name. I love funny names. As well as anecdotes and jokes, the whimsical labels and names given to wine are a particular source of amusement. … Continue reading

Steak Tartare Wine Pairing

I confess, steak tartare is my guilty pleasure. So much that it has become my first meal every time I travel back to France. After landing in Paris Charles De Gaulle airport, I quickly Uber over to one of my favorite restaurants on Place Dauphine near Notre-Dame and cheerfully order my steak tartare. Best way to beat jet lag ; ) Steak tartare comes in many forms: ground, chopped, seared, etc… I tasted it several times at different restaurants and it turns out, … Continue reading

Meiomi Wine Story

By Steve Jacobson – I have mentioned Meiomi Pinot Noir in other posts as a wonderful $22 bottle of wine. It has been under the Wagner Family banner since its inception in 2009. Yes, it does have a twist cap, but the “juice” inside the bottle is consistent and always worth the price of admission. And in case you are not familiar with the Wagner Family of wines – they are the group responsible for … Continue reading

Wine Stories [Part 5] – Champagne Stories

Champagne’s effervescence cleanses the palate, it makes food more enjoyable, and more importantly, it is more effective than tequila when trying to close the deal with a date. Champagne is arguably one of the greatest inventions that happened to mankind. And, like most great things, Champagne was discovered by accident. But that’s only the first of our five Champagne stories.   ENGLISH CHAMPAGNE? The British were the first to see the tendency of wines from the … Continue reading

Celebrity Wine [Part 6]

Professional sport is no picnic. Professional athletes practice hard and play hard. When they’re not “playing”, they are surrounded by the fans and the media. They rarely have a second to themselves and yet, some of them manage to come up with their own brand of wine. Here are 4 athletes who’ve sunk their teeth (or in some cases dentures) into some terroir, and made it to our “celebrity wine” list for better or for worse… 21 – … Continue reading

Early Harvest For 2014

By Steve Jacobson – As we head into the winter months, it’s hard to believe harvest has come and gone… And for 2014, it was an early harvest. What exactly does that mean? Traditionally, harvest for vineyards often comes in September. The summer is behind, the fruit is hanging low, ready to be taken from the vines. But this summer was extraordinarily dry in California. (Yes, we have all heard about the drought…) And the … Continue reading

Clos Montmartre – A Vineyard In Paris

Every time I go back to France to visit my family, I always spend a few days in the “city of lights”. But Paris is so much more than just its colloquial reference. It’s the music in the streets, the monuments, the museums, the cabarets, the farmers markets that go for miles, the people and of course my favorite, the quintessential Parisian “bistro”. It’s nothing fancy but it is the best way to soak in all … Continue reading