Stay Connected With Your Own Wifi Wine Bottle

A wifi wine bottle that is connected to the Internet?  Why would anyone want that? Well, I supposed if you have just about every wine toy out there, you might as well add this one to your collection. A Boston startup, Kuvée, has created a wifi wine bottle with a digital display on its touch screen.  You insert a cartridge that is filled with wine and up comes the info on the screen – with … Continue reading

Fun And Creative Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

Wine has multiple personalities based on when, where and the people with whom it is enjoyed. Wine can be snotty and pretentious, classy and sophisticated, tasty and appealing, sexy and seductive, but it can also be fun and creative! The glassware of choice is greatly based on the above dispositions. So let’s put our focus on “fun and cheerful” for a few minutes. Wine Ponder has been around since 2012, and since then I’ve come … Continue reading

Recycle Your Corks

Cork: a natural resource that changed our lives since B.C., allowing us to better seal and protect our food and beverages. Simple and modest, corks have been an essential part of the winemaking industry for many centuries. Those tiny inconspicuous plugs featuring different sizes and shapes are the most inspiring devices. Their job is quite simple: to keep the wine inside the bottle and to seal out the air. This doesn’t seem like much, but considering they have been doing … Continue reading

Say No To Spoiled Wine

When it comes to enjoying a nice bottle of wine at home, I can’t do it with my beautiful wife because she doesn’t drink. What can I say… love is blind and lovers cannot see. However, I have high hopes to be able to do this with my sons, though I must wait a few years. Considering they are both still in grade school, it is the right thing to do in spite of our … Continue reading

Experience The Difference

I was introduced to an incredible Zinfandel/Cabernet Sauvignon blend called THE PRISONER about 9 years ago when my local wine merchant suggested that I try it.  And I remember what I was told at the time of purchase: “Open the bottle, pour a little into a glass, take in the “nose” (the smells), and taste a little bit.  Then after pouring the wine into a decanter, leave it for twenty minutes and taste it again, … Continue reading

Chill Out With Corkcicle

Keeping your wine at the perfect temperature while enjoying it is not easy. There’s the ice bucket but the wine gets too cold. You can use a cooler, but the convenience factor gets greatly impaired and it seems a little amateurish. You can also use an insulated wine tote, but once again, it lacks convenience and the bottle will most likely end up on the table anyway.   Introducing… Corkcicle! Now you can enjoy your wine … Continue reading

Kevin Zraly’s Complete Wine Course Book

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I love wine! I’ve had a lot of hobbies in my life, but I’ll have to say that this one is by far my favorite ;) A few weeks ago, my beautiful wife gave me the Kevin Zraly’s Complete Wine Course book for my birthday. This book is everything you need. From the casual wine drinker who knows just enough to get around, to the hardcore connoisseur who … Continue reading

Get Your Own Wine Rack

So here is how it goes… You go to the store to buy a bottle of wine for a little soirée with friends. You really like the wine and you say to yourself… “I need to buy more of this wine. It was amazing!” You go back to the store the next day and buy 2 or 3 bottles of that same wine. Then you decide to grab one more before leaving the store, just … Continue reading