Chill Out With Corkcicle

Keeping your wine at the perfect temperature while enjoying it is not easy. There’s the ice bucket but the wine gets too cold. You can use a cooler, but the convenience factor gets greatly impaired and it seems a little amateurish. You can also use an insulated wine tote, but once again, it lacks convenience and the bottle will most likely end up on the table anyway.


Introducing… Corkcicle!


Now you can enjoy your wine on a warm summer night thanks to the folks at Corkcicle! Founders Ben Hewitt, Stephen Bruner, and Eric Miller came up with a clever invention that chills your wine from the inside, and makes it easy to experience wine at the perfect temperature every time without the hassle of ice buckets, coolers or wine sleeves.


Corkcicle Documentary Video

The Corkcicle is made from BPA-free plastic and filled with a freezable gel. It will maintain the ideal serving temperature for an already-chilled white wine for up to an hour, and it can cool a red wine from room temperature to the optimal cellar temperature in 15 minutes. The attached video demonstrates how easy and stress-free it is to pour a glass of wine at the perfect temperature, every time.


You know you want one. Get your own now from Corkcicle, and get one for a friend while you’re there. It’s a great idea for a gift when invited to a friend’s house. But you should still bring a bottle of wine to try it with. ;)


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