Celebrity Wine [Part 6]

Professional sport is no picnic. Professional athletes practice hard and play hard. When they’re not “playing”, they are surrounded by the fans and the media. They rarely have a second to themselves and yet, some of them manage to come up with their own brand of wine. Here are 4 athletes who’ve sunk their teeth (or in some cases dentures) into some terroir, and made it to our “celebrity wine” list for better or for worse… 21 – … Continue reading

Celebrity Wine [Part 5]

In this new celebrity wine article, we’re doing it Hollywood style. Some of the most renowned actors and directors have decided to flee the city of angels temporarily to devote themselves to the art of winemaking. Today, we feature James Cameron, Richard Gere, Kyle MacLachlan, and movie director / cinematographer Michael Seresin. 17 – James Cameron is a grapefriend! He just bought Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery in British Columbia, the latest and grapiest addition to his other sustainable … Continue reading

Celebrity Wine [Part 4]

Thank you for visiting Wine Ponder, and welcome to part 4 of “celebrity winemakers”. This Celebrity Wine article features Madonna, Paul Newman, Sofia Coppola, and Bob Dylan. Enjoy and make sure to check the bottom of the page for more celebrity winemakers! Enjoy and check back later for more!   13 – Madonna, the ‘Queen of Pop’, has a winery bearing her name, although by coincidence rather than by design. The Madonna Estate wines from Californian Carneros AVA … Continue reading

Celebrity Wine [Part 3]

Welcome to part 3 of “celebrity winemakers”. In this article, we feature Jeff Gordon, Robert Mark Kamen, Fergie, and last but not least Antonio Banderas. Enjoy and make sure to check the bottom of the page for more celebrity winemakers! Enjoy and check back later for more!   9 – Our next winemaker is a NASCAR Cup Series champion, a dedicated family man, the founder of a successful children’s foundation… I present you the one and … Continue reading

Celebrity Wine [Part 2]

In addition to donating millions to charitable organizations, spending time to help various people in need, more celebrities are getting involved with what really matters: WINE! This is part 2 of “celebrity winemakers”. Enjoy and check back later for more!   5 – Let’s be honest… We ALL remember actor Jason Priestley as the golden boy Brandon Walsh on the original version of the hit television series Beverly Hills 90210. After cultivating a wild interest in wine in the early … Continue reading

Celebrity Wine [Part 1]

They come from all over the place, they are actors, musicians, race car drivers, politicians – or all of the above – and they have one thing in common… they all have a deep appreciation for wine and winemaking. Oh and money… they all have money. As a matter of fact, they have enough to own their private vineyard and make their own wine! They are celebrities. They once shared a dream and turned it … Continue reading