How To Get Rid Of Sulfites In Wine

“Sulfites (also spelled sulphites – ˈsəlˌfīt) are compounds that contain the sulfite anion SO32−. The sulfite ion is the conjugate base of bisulfite. Although its sulfurous acid is elusive, its salts are widely used.” Are you still with me? The fact is, I could go on and on talking about the sulfite’s molecular structure, its atomically single and double-bonding composition and trigonal pyramidal shape, but I would lose you faster than a speeding bullet. So … Continue reading

Wine With A Pun In The Name

Everybody loves a good pun, especially when they’re clever. Puns are quite popular in parties and small gatherings, and so is wine. Little did you know, puns pair very well with wine… So much that they are used by winemakers themselves. So I came up with a list of wine with a pun in the name. I love funny names. As well as anecdotes and jokes, the whimsical labels and names given to wine are a particular source of amusement. … Continue reading

Le Cuvier Winery

There is a fun little winery in Paso Robles that I recently visited that I wanted to share with you. It is called Le Cuvier – which translates to “The Vat”… referring to the casks that wine is aged in. There is a great quote on the winery website ( from the man who started it all – John Munch: “There is firm empirical evidence to the effect that yeast and other varied wine pathogens die … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Wines 2015 Edition

Thanks for the wineries… Ah, yes… Thanksgiving… A time for giving thanks to family and friends… And what better way to give thanks than sharing a bottle of wine.  But what to buy? Every grocery store and wine emporium has their recommendations.  And I would say give them a try…  Or you can solve all of your wine woes right here on Wine Ponder.  (Well, no hangover cures.  So don’t overdo it.)  Figure out who … Continue reading

Meiomi Wine Story

I have mentioned Meiomi Pinot Noir in other posts as a wonderful $22 bottle of wine. It has been under the Wagner Family banner since its inception in 2009. Yes, it does have a twist cap, but the “juice” inside the bottle is consistent and always worth the price of admission. And in case you are not familiar with the Wagner Family of wines – they are the group responsible for Caymus – a beautiful Cabernet … Continue reading

New Halloween Wine List

It’s Halloween time for the little kids… which means candy… and “Hallo-wine” time for the big kids… and you know what that means… I was in a WORLD MARKET store recently and was inundated with Halloween wines.  Keep in mind that I am not necessarily recommending these wines – as I personally have not had 95% of them… But they sure know how to bring out the SPIRIT of the holiday… (pun intended…) • The … Continue reading

Aging Wine With Peace Of Mind

Aging wine or cellaring wine is a complex matter. Not all varieties of grapes are capable of being aged and even wines that are usually aged in Europe are often made to be enjoyed sooner in the U.S. However, without knowing the ideal storing temperature or length to age, you may be missing out on your wine’s best flavor profile. I have started to collect quite a few bottles over the years. Though I have a … Continue reading

Wine With A First Name In the Name

  I have a nephew named Josh… One day, I was perusing the shelves of one of my favorite wine stores, and sure enough… there it was. A wine with the name JOSH right on the label. That was fun. So I decided to look and see if there were other names from my family that may be on the front of a wine bottle. It would make for a great picture to collect those … Continue reading

Wine Stories [Part 5] – Champagne Stories

Champagne’s effervescence cleanses the palate, it makes food more enjoyable, and more importantly, it is more effective than tequila when trying to close the deal with a date. Champagne is arguably one of the greatest inventions that happened to mankind. And, like most great things, Champagne was discovered by accident. But that’s only the first of our five Champagne stories.   ENGLISH CHAMPAGNE? The British were the first to see the tendency of wines from the … Continue reading

Wine With A Color In The Name

We love wine with a color in the name. Every color has a meaning, a mood, an emotion. Colors influence state of minds and trigger instincts. They are carefully picked to provoke and promote. They all have been assigned with various meanings, but they do remain highly subjective. When assigned to the name of wine, the winemaker may have picked his favorite color, or simply a reference to the wine itself. Are you easily influenced … Continue reading