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Samples Of Wine Policy

Thank You For Sending Us Your Wine Samples To loves to receive samples of wine, wine related gadgets, and wine products – it’s part of what gives us great content for our wine website! And it makes us feel very special… I mean, who doesn’t like a little gift once in a while ;-)

Since Laurent and Steve are highly engaged in social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram; in addition to featuring lots of wines in Steve’s award wining videos, your products have a very good possibility of getting tremendous exposure through multiple outlets, including Wine Spectator.

Laurent and Steve are very positive and honest writers, and they love to share their views and opinions on the products and wines they love on and other media outlets. Sending samples of wine does not guarantee a write-up, but Laurent and Steve will do their best to at least mention the product received in one or more of their social media connections – whether it’s a simple thank you or an entire featured post on what was received.

To obtain our shipping address, please contact Laurent and/or Steve directly.

Thank you for your interest in Wine Ponder.


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