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I would call myself a ponderer… except I don’t think that’s even a word. Perhaps it should be. I see it written from time to time. People just take a creative license and use it simply because it feels right. They never question the integrity of the word, they simply go for it. They use the word in a sentence and everyone knows what it means. If it fits and the context is right, it will give everyone a sense of underlying satisfaction. The word “ponderer” is a lot like wine. I know it’s a stretch, but work with me here…
A wine may or may not be listed within the best of its kind, it just has to fit. The context, the people, the food, the time of day… all these criteria will affect the overall wine’s appreciation. Either people love it or they don’t, but the surrounding conditions will most definitely influence their final verdict.

So I came up with one simple rule:
“Wine is only as good as the people with whom it is being shared.”

Welcome to Wine Ponder!

I am a wine enthusiast who loves to share his wine experiences with others, because wine is intended to be enjoyed as a group. I will tell relevant stories, write articles, and share compelling international wine news. I will talk about some amazing wine pairing stories to which I was personally exposed. I will also recommend and offer suggestions about some novelty wine accessories, great ideas for gifts. This is all part of a new hobby of mine called “Wine Ponder”.
Enjoy responsibly ;)

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2 Responses to About Wine Ponder

  1. Courtney says:

    Hello Wine Ponder!

    I happen to just stumble on your website looking for extra large empty wine champagne or regular wine bottle. I need just one for my celebration party for people to sign on to celebrate me beating cancer! I had stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and it was a very large mass. Now I want to celebrate and I am doing a wine themed party with some different wines to taste and the empty wine bottle for my guest to sign would be a great piece for me to take home.

    Where can I get one for free or where can I purchase? Home good store? Any website suggestion? Any wineries that may give or sell them?

    • Wine Ponder says:

      Hi Courtney,

      First of all, congratulations for beating cancer and all my best wishes for the wonderful life that lays in front of you.

      For your party, I think your best bet will be to contact a winery and see if they would sell you or give you a large bottle of wine. You could go in a store and get a large bottle of wine but quite frankly, they are hard to find and a bit impersonal … not to mention the fact that they can be very expensive. If I were you, I would contact a winery and tell them your story. I bet there’s more than one winery that would do something nice for you. There are thousands of wineries in the states. Make a search online and pick one based on your location and your wine taste.

      I hope this helps. Best of luck, Courtney!

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