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    1. Try the Herzog Lodi Zinfandel – $29. I can’t say that I have actually had that wine, but Lodi is a great area for Zins. Another option is a line of Napa wines from Hagafen Winery. Based on their website, they make a fine assortment of wines that will work for Passover. If you have a problem finding these, ask your local wine merchant what they recommend. Happy Passover!

    1. Unfortunately, I do not sell wine. I simply give out useful information about wine in general, but that’s about it. Depending on your location, you might be able to find a nearby wine store, or you may decide to shop on the internet and get the wine shipped to your doorstep:

      Total Wine & More

      I did however, start a store where I sell most of my designs on shirts, mugs and other useful items for the house – perfect for a holiday gift. Here is the link in case you are interested: Wine ponder Swag Store

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