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Fun And Affordable Wines – Petit Reserve Napa Rosé

Fun And Affordable Wines – Petit Reserve Napa Rosé

I am always on the lookout for fun and affordable wines. It is not easy to find them, but when I do, I always make sure to share it on my site. I always write about my latest wine find, along with adequate wine pairing. Bookmark this category, and make sure to come back often!


Petit Reserve Napa Rosé – 2011
Petit Reserve Napa Rosé is a private label effort from the fine folks at Trader Joe’s. The label doesn’t say which grape was used for the making of this mystery wine, but we know it comes from Napa Valley. It isn’t too sweet, nor too dry, and features the perfect blend of expected berry flavors and spice. Make sure to chill it to perfection, and serve it for apéritif, or dessert. Satisfying, refreshing, AND affordable… this rosé is only $5.99 at your friendly neighborhood Trader Joe’s.


Food suggestion: Quiche as appetizer, or Tiramisu for dessert.

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  2. Julie Jennings


    I am looking for good inexpensive wines for my daughters wedding, June 2013. Looking for wines that are $10 or less. Corkage fee is $13 per bottle. Appreciate your input.


    1. Steve J

      It’s a tough thing when you’re paying more for corkage than the wine itself, but in a venue like this… it’s sort of standard.
      If you’re looking for a great value for what you’re getting, here is what I recommend.
      Gnarly Head Zinfandel is the best value out there in my opinion. It runs $10 or less a bottle, widely available.
      If you want something a little lighter, Wild Horse Pinot Noir is a great value. Runs under $14 a bottle.
      For a decent Chardonnay, you can get La Crema Chardonnay for about $13 a bottle. It’s not my favorite, but not bad for the value. Cambria also goes for $13 and it’s not bad.
      Gnarly Head does make a Chardonnay for about $9, but I have never had it.
      Glen Carlou (South African) goes for $14 and it’s a great value – pretty good Chardonnay.
      Once you hit $15 a bottle, the market opens up with some pretty good wines –
      Babcock and Newton go for $15.
      Sonoma Cutrer goes for $17 – best value for the wine.
      Au Bon Climat and Decoy are also $17.
      If you’re looking for sparkling wine – the best value is La Marca Prosecco. You can get it for about $11.
      I hope this helps… And congratulations on your daughter’s marriage!!

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