Wine is only as good as the people with whom it is being shared.
Fun And Creative Wine Glasses

Fun And Creative Wine Glasses

Wine has multiple personalities based on when, where and the people with whom it is enjoyed. Wine can be snotty and pretentious, classy and sophisticated, tasty and appealing, sexy and seductive, but it can also be fun and creative! The glassware of choice is greatly based on the above dispositions. So let’s put our focus on “fun and cheerful” for a few minutes, let’s talk about fun wine glasses! Those are some great gift ideas.

Fun And Creative Wine Glasses

Wine Ponder has been around since 2012, and since then I’ve come across some very funny and creative wine glasses. I told myself that if I find them interesting, other people might enjoy them as well. So for your entertainment, I present to you my selection of fun wine glasses.


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Pool PartyThe Pool Party
Wine in a plastic cup is a little uncouth but there are ways to make this look cool. For instance, add a stem to your pool party cup and you’ve just transformed your bottom of the shelf Walmart beer pong prop into a royal grade beverage container. Congratulations Cinderella!



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The StacheThe Stache
A simple wine glass by itself doesn’t have much to brag about… Add a moustache sticker and it quickly becomes the center of attention, the Tom Selleck of wine glasses. I could have gone with Salvador Dali, but I don’t think he was driving a red Ferrari on the street’s of Hawaii in the 80’s.



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The RedneckThe Redneck
Often used to stash away the Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, but also grandma’s fruit preserves, the glass jar has become the center of attention in various up and coming restaurants across the nation. This multifunctional container once devoted to rural practices has made its way to the urban bustle we all know so well. Put a stem under those jars and you end up with the Hillbillies of Beverly Hills ; )


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The IllusionistThe Illusionist
It’s a glass in a glass. The idea is fun and interesting, a little peculiar at first but easy to get used to. Make sure to refill that glass often in order to “keep your shape”.



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Beer DrinkerThe Beer Drinker
Don’t lose that grip! If you’re a beer drinker, your hand is used to hold on to that convenient mug handle. There’s no need to learn new habits, thanks to the wine glass/mug ; )



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Curve AppealThe Curve Appeal
Yes the glass is leaning, and no you’re not drunk. This is a very traditional wine glass style but the slight curve on the stem makes it more interesting visually. Though if you start seeing them straight, you should definitely switch to drinking water ; )



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The MessengerFun And Creative Wine Glasses – The MessengerThe Messenger
Got something to say? Put it on a wine glass. The style of the glass can be anything you want it to be and the message is yours entirely. Those are great gift ideas for all your wino friends, or even yourself! Admit it, you want a wine glass with your name on it.


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Avant-GardistThe Avant-Gardist
Hand blown, cutting edge look, double walled glass – That Champagne flute has class written all over it. It’s superior elegance makes all the difference. You can probably pour the cheapest of sparkling wines in there and it’ll taste like Dom Pérignon. OK maybe not, but that would be fun.



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Swirl Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Swirl Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The SwirlThe Swirl
Swirling takes practice. Keeping the wine in the glass and ultimately in your mouth is your main goal. Somehow, those glasses make the process a little easier and safer for everyone around. Swirl away my good friend!


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The SipperFun And Creative Wine Glasses – The SipperThe Sipper
I feel like I should grow an imperial style facial hair, wear a top hat and a monocle in order to use such a glass. This totally redefines the art of “sipping” wine.



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The BevelThe Bevel
Design is everything! The elegance of a glass makes a big difference in the tasting sensations. Just imagine drinking your favorite Chardonnay in a Starbucks coffee cup… Yuck! I bet you would prefer this bevelled glass.



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Holy GrailThe Holy Grail
If you like medieval TV shows and metal artistry, this metal goblet – also known as a chalice – is for you. The workmanship and the attention to detail is impressive. Such a glass is quite unusual but it might restore the youth of anyone who drinks in its wine… Or should I say, the elixir of life.



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Silent CupThe Silent Cup
Rich with symbolism, the wine poured into this cup is left untouched in honor of Elijah, who according to tradition, will arrive one day as an unknown guest to herald the advent of the Messiah. During the Seder dinner, biblical verses are read while the door is briefly opened to welcome Elijah. I believe the wine is poured right back into the bottle after the Seder is over (But then again, maybe not…)


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The UnbreakableThe Unbreakable
You can cheer and bang those glasses together without the fear of breaking them. It makes me want to climb up on a table and start singing and dancing like the true pirate I am. Come on! Who’s with me? “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.”



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Lazy CupThe Lazy Cup
No need to open a bottle of wine and pour its content into a glass. Someone did that for you! Well, it was probably a machine but who cares. This is a great idea if you’re having a picnic in the park or at the beach. All you need are those pre-filled wine glasses, and you don’t even need a corkscrew!



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The HybridFun And Creative Wine Glasses – The HybridThe Hybrid
I like to call it “the centaur of wine” – half bottle, half glass, and all good drunken fun! Now you can drink straight from the giant bottle like you’ve always wanted to, without all the judgmental looks from onlookers… Well, in theory.


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The MiniThe Mini
I’m not sure why would anyone need a one inch tall wine glass… But they are so damn cute! I suppose there’s a bright side to this lilliputian glass… a bottle of wine can serve 75 people! What a bargain ; )



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The GiantThe Giant
Do you like to drink wine with your dinner, but the doctor warned you to keep it to one glass? Cheat the system with the “giant wine glass”, a nicely-weighted goblet that can fit a whole bottle of wine. Genius. Definitely making the fun wine glasses list!


Speaking of big things, make sure to check those largest than life, record breaking wine bottles!

Largest Wine Bottles In The World


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The GloveThe Glove
If you’re afraid of accidentally dropping your glass, you must consider one that fits you like a glove, literally! With an embedded handprint, this glass offers a better grip but you must drink fast if you don’t want your warm hands to change the temperature of the wine… Or you can set it down and watch the glass wobble like a weeble toy.



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The ReclinerThe Recliner
Made with hand blown crystal glass, this piece was designed by a Brooklyn design studio specifically for wine tasting. The vessel of this particular glass tips towards the front to create a fuller drinking experience with increased functionality. The glass is manufactured in Slovenia where glass makers are some of the best in the world. The price tag is 89 Euros for a pair… with today’s exchange rate, that’s about 50 bucks a glass.


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Wine CollarThe Wine Collar
You’re at a party, you’re carrying a plate full of appetizers in your left hand, a glass in the other, and someone comes to shake your hand. We’ve all been there! With this useful strap, you will always have a free hand to say hi to friends. You can also use it to carry a second drink… And that’s cool too. If nothing else, this is a great gift idea to all pretty goers out there!



Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Gravity Defying VesselThe Gravity Defying Vessel
A Japanese designer, Kouichi Okamoto, came up with a wine glass that redefines the laws of physics… OK not really, but it will make you look twice and scratch your head wondering how this is possible. The principle is quite simple but someone had to think of it. Thanks to the lack of pressure in the higher tank, and some very impressive glass making skills, the wine will trickle down slowly and the glass gets refilled automatically without spilling over.


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Cyrano De BergeracThe Cyrano De Bergerac
Have you ever knocked your nose on the rim of the glass while taking a sip of wine? The only way to finish that glass to the last drop is to tilt your head backwards! Those acrobatic moves are not uncommon, especially when drinking out of a narrow glass. Not to mention they are proven to be quite dangerous after the third or fourth glass… If you know what I mean ; )

No more falling backwards with this glass that lets you keep your nose in your own glass.


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Ring Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The RingThe Ring
Nothing says “I love you” like a wine glass ring. Both elegant and convenient, this new vogue of jewelry allows you to taste a little wine anytime and anywhere,  without having to worry about finding a proper glass. Valentine’s day is just around the corner. I’m just saying ; )


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Aerator Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The AeratorThe Aerator
This self-aerator eliminates the need to decant or let your wine rest after corking it. Pour your cellar’s best burgundy or zin into the inner cup, and then let oxygen take over, drawing out the grapes’ complexity and nuanced flavors as the wine moves through nine spiraling pinholes to the basin of the glass.


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Arteries Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The ArteriesThe Arteries
French designer Etienne Meneau has built a reputation for himself with his unusually shaped carafes. This latest model is a drinking glass. The “little heart” glass is 7.9 inches tall and features five tubes which are all interconnected. I’ve read somewhere that drinking one glass of wine per day is good for your heart and blood circulation. Coincidence? I think not ; )


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Tripod Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The TripodThe Tripod
A refreshing take on the traditional wine glass, Maarten Baptist’s Louise glass collection replaces the round base with a tripod. This glass not only looks great, I hear the glass is also remarkably stable. It is handmade by classically trained European glass blowers, and it sells for about $45.


Fun And Creative Wine Glasses – The Levitating WineThe Levitating Wine
The David Blaine of wine glasses. This one is so trippy, it requires more than just a glance. I found myself scrutinizing this image as if it were some kind of magic trick. This is obviously an art project of some sort but I would love to know how this was done… unless it’s entirely created with computer graphics.



So there you have it! All sorts of fun and creative wine glasses to fit your style. There are some great gift ideas. If you need help finding them online, simply leave a comment below and I will help you. In the meantime, check out this other article to learn about the various wine glass shapes and how important they are to the way we enjoy wine.

Santé ; )


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