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Fun Wine Cocktails – Mimosa

Fun Wine Cocktails – Mimosa

Nothing says party like a good bubbly! Sparkling wine makes every occasion so much fun and exciting. From the desirable shape of the bottle to the glamorous style of the flutes, from the powerful sound of the cork popping to the much coveted drink, it is no wonder Sparkling wine keeps tickling our tastebuds time after time.

Sparkling wine is a versatile drink that also allows for quite a few cocktail options. One of them is the Mimosa. So if you would like to sweeten your senses and enhance the fun, try this recipe.



Dry sparkling wine – Don’t spend a fortune on a top-shelf Champagne. You’re making a cocktail for fun, not wine tasting. That said, I would spend anywhere between $12-$15 (don’t go lower than $10 unless you don’t mind a little headache the next day). As Steve Jacobson suggests in a recent postLa Marca Prosecco is a very good choice for the value.

Orange juice – Any brand will do, though fresh squeezed is much better. Make sure not to put too much pulp in the drink.

Grand Marnier or Triple Sec (optional) – Spice it up with a splash of orange liquor.

Raspberries (optional) – Your cocktail will be fine without but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little red berry in your drink. Think of it as the cherry on a sundae.

Orange slice (for decoration) – If you’re going to make a Mimosa, do it right and impress your guests with a little garnishing on the rim of the glass. It’s simple, it only takes a few seconds and you will look like a bartender god!

Fun Wine Cocktails – Mimosa



Most mimosa recipes call for equal parts sparkling wine to orange juice. While this is the “standard” ratio in the bartending world, I do prefer a little more sparkle in my glass, so I always recommend 2 parts sparkling wine to 1 part orange juice. This is obviously subjective and based on personal tastes. You should do whatever strikes your fancy.

Kick it up a notch by adding a splash of orange liqueur, such as Grand Marnier or triple sec. This is all in the name of fun so feel free to experiment!

When you’re making a mimosa, always add the sparkling wine first, then top with orange juice. That way, your cocktail will mix itself and you won’t need to stir which would cause the wine to lose some of its carbonation. Make sure your ingredients are chilled when preparing your drink you could look here. There’s nothing worse than a warm cocktail. Throw in a little raspberry, and garnish the glass with a slice of orange.


You are done my friend, and ready to enjoy!


Remember, Mimosas are a great source of vitamin C ; )


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