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Melville Vineyards & Winery [Part 2]

Melville Vineyards & Winery [Part 2]

We at Wine Ponder love to share information and engage others about wine through personal travels and discoveries. Melville Vineyards & Winery is a fascinating place that produces state-of-the-art wines, where attention to detail really pays off.

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Our visit had a huge impact on our overall appreciation for their wine. It gave us a better understanding and context about the importance of a healthy vine and all of the hard labor that goes into it. The infinite details required to keeping a healthy vineyard is enough to make our head spin, but not for Melville’s winemaker Greg Brewer.


Melville Documentary Video – Part 2As a follow-up to episode 1, we are pleased to release the second episode of this fascinating series where we continue to explore the intricacies of the vineyards and the soil.



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“Wherever it is in the world, the soil is the basis of all wines.” – Melville Vineyards & Winery (Sta. Rita Hills A.V.A.) – Enjoy more memorable wine quotes from our exclusive quote list.

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