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Robert Parker Steps Down

Robert Parker Steps Down

Robert ParkerAccording to the LA TIMES, Robert Parker is stepping down from his position as Editor-In-Chief for The Wine Advocate.  As I referenced in a previous post, Parker was very much responsible for utilizing the 100-point tasting system that rated what was in the bottle and, in turn, ended up being a consumer guide to purchasing wine.  Now this scoring is used throughout the world in shops, restaurants, wineries and other establishments where wine is sold.

The Wine Advocate has three new investors from Singapore.  The new editor will be Lisa Perrotti-Brown, the Wine Advocate’s Asian correspondent who is based in Singapore.

Even though he is leaving his post, the 65-year-old Parker will stay involved as chief executive and head of the Wine Advocate’s board.  Additionally, he will continue to write tasting notes for wines from France – specifically Bordeaux and the Rhône.  By focusing on his specific role, he will no longer be travelling for several months at a time as he has been since he started the newsletter in 1978 with a loan from his mother.

The Wine Advocate will continue to serve its subscribers with wine education seminars, virtual tastings among other things.  There will be improvements as well as other “big changes”.  We’ll just have to see how this highly successful wine publication fares with new management and a new focus on changing with the times.


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