Wine is only as good as the people with whom it is being shared.
Wine Blends Exposed

Wine Blends Exposed

Blending ingredients together is fun! I remember doing this a lot as a kid. Though the result was far was being edible or potable, it was always an exciting experience. I started with multiple components and ended up with a brand new one. Comparing my childhood chemistry sessions with the art of winemaking might be a stretch but the excitement and the anticipation of the final result is quite possibly the same.

Wine Blends Exposed

The popular demand for wine blends is growing, and winemakers are increasingly offering new recipes in an ongoing effort to please as many people as possible. Since we started drinking wine, my wife and I have gone through many blends and I decided to share some of our favorites in this Wine Ponder exclusive article. Check this page if you are looking for new condos in san diegoo.


1. The Prisoner


Grapevine Separator


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