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Wine For Valentine

Wine For Valentine

Love The Wine You're With

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching… and many people will be popping open Champagne and other sparklers to start off the festivities. But what other options are there?


Naked Winery – ForeplayNaked Winery – Naked Pinot GrisNaked Winery – Booty CallNAKED WINERY hails from Oregon and offers up several provocative wine names.   Starting off is Foreplay Chardonnay from Rogue Valley – refreshing and crisp and aged a short 4 months in stainless steel and French oak. There is no malolactic fermentation, so this will be leaning towards juicy green apples and pears, rather than big on the oak and butter. If Pinot Gris is more your style, then try Naked Pinot Gris from Willamette Valley (Willamette rhymes with Damn it!) If you like to chill, this is the wine for you. Ripe, silky and smooth, this has orange blossom and perfume on the nose with flavors of lime, pear and stone fruit.   If you want to try something a bit different, how about Booty Call. The back label says, “For quick access, chill, uncork and repeat as many times as necessary. Satisfaction guaranteed.”

Naked Winery – Oh! Orgasmic Naked Winery – MissionaryNaked Winery – Blazing Straddle Naked Winery – ClimaxSwitching to red, Naked has a line of wines called Oh! Orgasmic… This Zinfandel is not for the shy wine drinker. For $70 a bottle, it better be orgasmic. Aged in neutral French and American oak, it is thick, dark and fruity. This comes from Columbia Valley. If you want to try missionary, then try the Missionary Cab Franc from Columbia Valley. Aged for 9 months in French and American oak, this wine has full flavors of cherries and blackberry. The back label states “Forget laying this wine down for a later date. It was meant to be taken advantage of right away. Of course, that’s our position.”   After that, you gotta try Blazing Straddle sweet red wine. It is 100% sweet Pinot Noir. Aged 10 months in mostly stainless steel, it is a wine that pairs with fudge brownies. And to finish up on this winery, they make a red blend called Climax. Made up of Zinfandel, Syrah and Tempranillo, they guarantee that your mouth will be satisfied. And “will leave you screaming for more.” There are lots of other fun wines from this winery. So go to their website – – to buy some wine or just read through the descriptions with someone you love… But make sure you have a glass of wine in your hand.


Faulkner Winery – Luscious LipsNext up is the FAULKNER WINERY from Temecula CA. (That’s near San Diego in case you were unaware.) They produce a wine called Luscious Lips. Their website doesn’t tell you much about the wine other than you can drink it warm as “Hot Lips”, cold for Sangria, or room temp as it is. It is a “slightly sweet” wine.


pro-mis-q-outHow is this for a name of a winery? pro+mis+Q+ous. It seems appropriate to drink a wine with that name on the label for Valentine’s Day. The definition on their website – “The act of blending multiple, mutually attractive grape varieties in an assortment of unorthodox combinations.” They make a white blend consisting of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and other white varietals. The flavors and aromas are melon, pear, tangerine, rose petal, lychee and lemon rind. The red blend is made up of zinfandel, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, petite sirah and other red varietals. In this wine, you will smell and taste dark berry fruit, pepper, and crème de cassis.


Monogamy WinesAnd furthering the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we move to MONOGAMY WINES. Their tag line is “TRULY MADLY DEEPLY”… They make a Chardonnay as well as a Cabernet Sauvignon with grapes sourced from Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma Counties. Each of these wines is lightly aged in French and American oak. The Chardonnay has tastes of butterscotch, cream and light oak on the finish. The Cab has flavors of blackberry, black cherry, cassis and plum.


There are many other fun wines out there that support the theme of love on this holiday.

Quickie! and Passion Has Red Lips from Some Young Punks winery

Ménage À Trois and Folie À Deux – These two can be bought just about everywhere.

Two Hands Sexy Beast

Carnival Of Love – from Mollydooker Wines

Sexy Wine Bomb

Sexual Chocolate

The Very Sexy Shiraz

The Full Monty – A nice Italian wine from Montepulciano D’Abruzzo

And of course – 50 Shades Of Grey


Wine For Valentine – Wine selection

If you know of other wines that support this Valentine’s Day theme, let us know!



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And for the lovers with a desire to impress your own valentine, here are some useful quotes you might consider:
“Where’s there’s no wine, there’s no love.”
– Euripides
“All you need is love… And a bottle of wine” – Anonymous
“If you can’t be with the wine you love, love the wine you’re with.” – Anonymous
Enjoy more memorable wine quotes here.

Where There's No Wine, There's No LoveAll You Need Is Love

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