Tin Foil Capsule – The Quality Brand Of A Wine Bottle

The Tin Foil Capsule

Let’s take advantage of the warm summer days to discuss a subject that we hold close to our heart, a topic that inspires our meals and apéritifs: The wine. This time, we won’t talk about varietals, vinification, or vintage… We will talk about the tin foil capsule. Not the beer cap, not the screw top, not the lid of a tuna can, but the precious and noble tin foil capsule that protects the corks of … Continue reading

SOMM: Into The Bottle – Ten Wine Stories With Compelling Interviews

Somm : Into The Bottle

In my last article, I went through the documentary SOMM.   This post covers the follow-up movie about ten very compelling wine stories, SOMM: Into The Bottle.  You don’t have to have seen SOMM to watch Into The Bottle, but it is helpful. Somm: Into The Bottle – Ten Wine Stories This documentary is really ten wine stories… Or chapters, all about wine.  There are interviews with sommeliers, wine professionals and winemakers that are informative, … Continue reading

SOMM: The Making Of A Master Sommelier

Somm – The Making Of A Master Sommelier

What does it take to become a Master Sommelier?  The movie SOMM documents four Master Sommelier candidates through their journey of taking the most demanding exam in the wine industry.  In an effort to join the prestigious and exclusive organization, “The Court of Master Sommeliers”, you need to be an expert in virtually every detail in the world of wine and spirits. SOMM: The Making Of A Master Sommelier It is a compelling study of the will … Continue reading

The Fence Wine Project / Great Wine Sharing Experience

Fence wine… What is Fence Wine??? Fence wine is a one-of-a-kind wine sharing experience that is quite pleasant, yet they are few and far between these days. Fence wine is a recipe for happiness and I am about to explain how YOU can enjoy it as well. Sure! Anyone can do it… You simply need some key ingredients to make it happen. First you need a fence – That is kind of obvious but not everyone has one. If … Continue reading

Tips For Bringing Wine To A Dinner Party

Bringing Wine To A Dinner Party

“What should I bring?” is the question we’ve all asked ourselves when heading over to someone’s house for dinner. You can’t show up empty-handed. A bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers for the hostess is always nice, and you can’t go wrong with that. Then comes the wine and that is often quite a conundrum. You must choose a bottle of wine or two to share with your host and other guests. Bringing wine to a dinner party … Continue reading

Wine Bottle Sizes – All You Want To Know About It

Since I started wine pondering, I wrote quite a few articles about wine bottle sizes and shapes. I just recently received various requests for more specific measurements. So I tooled myself with a tape measurer and a caliper, and I started measuring wine bottles from my own collection. Everything you want to know about wine bottle sizes and more! Bottles sizes vary based on wine types, locations, and glass manufacturers. There might some kind of standard in the wine … Continue reading

21 Funny Wine Quotes

Funny Wine Quotes

Over the last few centuries people have pondered about wine. Politicians, writers, poets, philosophers, artists and wine enthusiasts, they all use wine quotes and sayings to share the true meaning of wine. I carefully picked 21 funny wine quotes & wine expressions from my own collection. The wine quotes are listed below from 21 to 1, number 1 being the funniest. Why 21 you ask? Hmm… Wine not ; ) Countdown of the top 21 funniest wine quotes! 21 • … Continue reading

Bicyclette Wine Cocktail

As the temperature rises, make a classic Italian aperitif, the bicyclette wine cocktail, your go-to wine cocktail for the warm summer nights ahead. This orange-hued drink is both bracing and slightly bitter, which makes it perfect for whetting appetites before bar snacks or dinner. The best part? All you really need is three ingredients that you probably already have at home. The Bicyclette name comes from a fun story. Some time ago, old men would have quite a few … Continue reading

How To Get Rid Of Sulfites In Wine

“Sulfites (also spelled sulphites – ˈsəlˌfīt) are compounds that contain the sulfite anion SO32−. The sulfite ion is the conjugate base of bisulfite. Although its sulfurous acid is elusive, its salts are widely used.” Are you still with me? The fact is, I could go on and on talking about the sulfite’s molecular structure, its atomically single and double-bonding composition and trigonal pyramidal shape, but I would lose you faster than a speeding bullet. So … Continue reading

Wine Facts [Part 8] – A Butt Of Wine

BUTT A “butt” was a medieval unit of measure used for wine and other alcoholic beverages. It is also a large cask (also called a pipe) that contains about 475 litres (126 gallons) of wine. That means if you fill the barrel up, you technically have a buttload of wine! The inner child in me will never stop laughing at this ; ) On a more serious note, a butt is generally defined to be four regular barrels, … Continue reading