Hugo Wine Cocktail

Nothing says fun like a brand new wine cocktail. And boy, did I have fun last weekend with my Hugo wine cocktail – Epicurean fun that is ; ) As always, the setting and the conditions were perfect. It was a warm afternoon and we were celebrating someone’s birthday. That special someone happened to have a special birthday drink called “Hugo”. For those of you who know me, I get pretty excited at the idea of trying … Continue reading

Glühwein – The mulled wine of Germany

It is never too late to try new things, and not too long ago I tried glühwein for the first time! The experience was quite endearing, and I am excited to share it with you – along with the recipe, of course. And you’re welcome ; ) First, a little historical context about glühwein, more commonly known as mulled wine. Heated and spiced wine started in Rome during the 2nd century. The Romans travelled all across … Continue reading

Fun Wine Cocktails – Cardinal

Is it happy hour yet? Perhaps it is, but if it’s not, this article is sure to bring you a few minutes closer to it ; ) Also known as a Communard (with Beaujolais wine), the Cardinal is a French apéritif from Burgundy, France. It is a fresh and short drink that can be enjoyed at any time during the day… though a few exceptions might apply. Reminiscent of the Kir and its more salubrious cousin Kir Royal, the … Continue reading


By Steve Jacobson – Sangria is a wonderful summer beverage.  It is made of an inexpensive red wine, lots of fruit, a bit of brandy, triple sec and lime juice.  Before we get into the recipes though, here is a bit of information on Sangria. The name Sangria comes from the Spanish word for “blood” – sangre – because it is typically made from a dark red wine.  It is a “wine punch” from Spain, … Continue reading

Fun Wine Cocktails – Champagne Valentine

Valentine’s day is approaching! Actually, it is practically here when you consider how quickly days go by. It is time to plan your evening with your special one. You may decide to go to that amazing place you’ve always talked about, or avoid the craziness and the crowds by staying at home.   Preparing the most romantic evening at home can be a little overwhelming. Here are some very basic tips: Send your valentine away for … Continue reading

Fun Wine Cocktails – Mimosa

Nothing says party like a good bubbly! Sparkling wine makes every occasion so much fun and exciting. From the desirable shape of the bottle to the glamorous style of the flutes, from the powerful sound of the cork popping to the much coveted drink, it is no wonder Sparkling wine keeps tickling our tastebuds time after time. Sparkling wine is a versatile drink that also allows for quite a few cocktail options. One of them is the … Continue reading