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Longevity Hack : Does Wine Help You Live Longer?

Longevity Hack : Does Wine Help You Live Longer?

Don’t worry, this isn’t another write-up about the health benefits of wine… Because we already know wine is healthy. But there’s a catch: you must enjoy it with moderation. With who? ;) MODERATION, also known as moderate amounts, and within reasonable limits. As much as I hate to say it, moderation is what makes wine a healthy beverage, in addition to other principles which I’ll address later in this article. Conversely, wine consumption in large amounts will have the opposite effect and give you the dreaded hangover or worse, guaranteed. So, does wine help you live longer? If you’re here for a straight answer about longevity in regards to wine, you might be disappointed. However, if you’re here for an explanation as to how it can increase your odds to become a centenarian then stick around. Let’s ponder together!

Longevity Hack – Does Wine Help You Live Longer?

Before I get started with my “live long & prosper” theory, I am not a doctor and I do NOT, under any circumstances, claim that drinking wine will make you live to a hundred years old. Just to be clear, you’re on your own when it comes to enjoying this beverage responsibly.

Now that we’ve covered all legal implications, let’s get down to the fun stuff.

Avoid Too Much Stress And Have Fun

Epicurus Statuette Facing Wine BottleI get it, we all have many irons in the fire. We’re living life 200 miles an hour and juggling family, work, school, not to mention money concerns, stability, global warming, world news, election year, etc. Yikes! It’s enough to make you stick your head in the sand and wait for better days. News flash, life won’t get any better than it is. It can feel like a crazy train with no brakes but we all have the power to slow down and enjoy the scenery around us. It’s all a matter of finding the right balance between work and play. Get all pressing matters taken care off, create a list of duties you’re able to postpone, and start focussing on the important aspect of life. Why wait Friday night to unwind? 5 days of soberness followed by a drunken sh!itshow* on the weekend is not the way to go. Spread out the fun! Break those ungodly rules and uncork a bottle of wine on a Wednesday night.

Moreover, this may be just a drop in the ocean, but our actions speak louder than words. Choose what works for you. Pick a lifestyle that is in total synchrony with your needs, and it will have a far greater ripple effect on the people around you. Those same ripples will bounce back and hit you with a second wave of wellbeing. At that point, you’ve just achieved positive greatness in your life, and increased your odds to live to a hundred years young.

*There’s actually a wine called Sh!tshow Red made by Grovedale Winery in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania! That wine should definitely be added to our list of Funny Wine Names!

Life Is Too Short – Drink Better Wines

Does Wine Help You Live Longer – Drink Better WinesGood wine isn’t cheap, cheap wine isn’t good! Naturally, better wines are a tad more expensive, but pleasure is priceless. I am convinced that better quality wine (and food) reduces the desire to drink or eat in excess. Many prestigious health organizations have demonstrated my speculation, and made it a scientifically proven behavior. Those studies gather up a few hundred people, and the ones who end up eating and drinking more were eating less nutritious victuals, trying to reach contentedness and the mental stimulation necessary to stop eating and drinking. Unlike mediocre wines, quality wines will create that sense of satisfaction, making us feel subconsciously fulfilled.

In his letter to Menoeceus, Epicurus talks about “Mastering Desires” and “Living Wisely.” To Epicurus, pleasure is the key to everything happy, and it is by living pleasurably that we can reduce stress. According to Epicurus, happiness is not driven by abundance, but rather the quality of everything in life. So do yourself a favor, drink better wines and drink less of it.

Oh and one more thing… I try not to be pretentious about wine, but for the love of god please use proper glassware! No one wants to drink wine in a cup or in grandma’s empty jam jar. An actual wine glass will create a more pleasurable experience, which in turn could help reduce stress. And lest not forget, reduced stress equals longer lifespan ;)

Seek A Diet & Nutrition That Will Help You Live Longer

Does Wine Help You Live Longer – Healthy Diet & NutritionLiving to 100 doesn’t have to mean a strict regimen of steamed vegetables and joyless meals. A healthy, balanced, and stress-free life includes happy hours, time spent with family and friends and the occasional glass of wine with delicious home-cooked dinners.

When I was a kid, we rarely went out to dinner. For my brother and I, eating out was a special treat and yet, little did we know that home cooked meals were far better than the food served in most restaurants. 40 years forward, my wife and I eat at home most of the time. Not only are we saving money, we pick and choose where we get our groceries, and always prioritize local producers, thus lowering our carbon footprint. A healthy diet and nutrition is arguably the basis of what will help you live longer. More importantly, with home cooked meals I get to pair wine with the actual dish. Wine pairing is fun and the results quite unpredictable. I never fully know if the pairing will work but when it does, then it’s as if Epicurean and Hedonism had a baby.

I go through life always looking for activities that will bring me great pleasure. Cooking and wine pairing is definitely one of them. Its conviviality far surpasses anything else I came up with.

Promote Physical Activities

Does Wine Help You Live Longer – Physical ActivitiesYou didn’t think I was going to leave out what is perhaps THE most important part of being healthy, did you? The only way you’ll be able to enjoy the epicurean pleasures of life on a regular basis is if you stay active physically. It doesn’t have to be army style bootcamp workouts. Unless you’re dying to join the workout brigade, I recommend a simple 20 minute walk around your neighborhood. My grandfather went on a walk every single day of his life, and he lived to 98! My grandmother is still alive and kicking at 97 years old! She doesn’t walk much like my grandfather did but she remains as active as I am. She is in her garden everyday growing vegetables and pulling weeds. And yes, she enjoys a glass of wine everyday!

And if you don’t like walking or gardening, I hear pickleball is the hot ticket right now. Go play a game with a few friends or family members. Though I can’t really say for sure if wine helps you live longer, I’m quite sure physical activities do.

So, Does Wine Help You Live Longer?

That is the one million dollars question. Take Miljenko “Mike” Grgich, a celebrated winemaker who helped establish Napa Valley as one of the world’s premier wine-making regions. He was the winemaker behind the 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay that bested several white Burgundy wines in the wine tasting event that became known as the Judgement of Paris in 1976. After working at several wineries in the Napa Valley, he then went on to start his own wine estate, Grgich Hills Cellar in Rutherford, California. He practically surrendered himself to his passion for wine and donated every awaken hours to the wine industry. Sadly, Miljenko passed away last December. He was 100! If that’s not proof that wine helps you live longer, I don’t know what is.

Does Wine Help You Live Longer – Physical ActivitiesEverywhere I look, I see more and more people creeping their way to 100. Does this mean our lifestyle is better than it was 50 years ago? Considering that our food was probably better then than it is now, I would attribute this longevity trend to better healthcare. But I think there’s more to it. In the past 50 years, we’ve learned to enjoy ourselves more so than our previous generations ever did. Life is certainly not as demanding as it was before. So all we can do is to continue down the path of happiness, choose quality over quantity, while seeking the right balance between work and play.

Does wine help you live longer? You’ll hear and read many answers on the subject. Some people will promote wine consumption while others will recommend a chai superfood smoothie. There’s nothing wrong with either one, and conveniently, you’re the one in control of what you put in your body. You do you! Let me know what works for you in the comments below. In the meantime, swirl, sip, savor, and live forever! Well, maybe not forever but this article might help in getting us to 100.

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