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The Health Benefits Of Champagne

The Health Benefits Of Champagne

The Health Benefits Of Champagne

I drink some Champagne but not as often as I wish. Unlike red or white wine, I only drink Champagne for special occasions, such as family reunions, holidays, graduations, etc… Yes, Champagne is a special drink and I like it that way. That said, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little “bubbly” once in a while… Even when there’s nothing to celebrate!

During my last trip to France, I saw my mother’s cousin Guy Delong (Domaine Guy Delong & Fils), a winemaker from the Champagne region. He told me that Champagne is in fact good for our health. Of course he might have been a bit biased, and as much as I believed him, I decided to conduct my own research. No, I did not drink Champagne everyday to see if my health would improve. Though that would have been quite enjoyable, I decided to read up on the health benefits of Champagne instead. I’ve come to realize that it should be enjoyed on a daily basis! Perhaps our everyday wine should feature more sparkle ; )

This wine is exceptionally rich in minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

The Health Benefits Of Champagne – Champagne Flute1. Its mineral composition helps the resilience and contraction of our muscle tissue.

2. It strengthens the systolic cardiac cycle… A hearty drink! It diminishes the risk of coronary heart disease and helps those recovering from a heart attack.

3. The human nervous system is extremely dependent on phosphorus compounds. Conveniently, Champagne is rich in phosphor. It is a natural euphoriant. I suspect the outcome of this particular benefit may vary based on consumed amounts.

4. Champagne kills bacteria! Especially in the intestinal system. Thanks to its natural acidity, it fights E. coli infections.

5. It helps with gas and lazy stomach conditions.

6. By its detoxifying action, it cleans vessels limescale and vascular walls, and hinders senescence, rheumatism, osteoarthritis and gout.

Finally, that luxury beverage has some powerful aphrodisiac benefits. The bubbles promote faster alcohol absorption into the bloodstream, allowing one to relax quickly. As I said in a previous article, it is more effective than tequila when trying to close the deal with a date. So if that doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will.

Of course, I am not a doctor and most of this information is from reading articles on the internet. What the heck, I do love a glass of Champagne from time to time, and it is nice to know I can enjoy it while getting healthier… Or so I heard. Perhaps I should start a petition and request that Champagne be reimbursed by Medicare ; )

Santé… Literally ; )


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