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Wine With A First Name In the Name

Wine With A First Name In the Name

Wine With A First Name In The Name


Wine With A First Name In The Name – JoshI have a nephew named Josh… One day, I was perusing the shelves of one of my favorite wine stores, and sure enough… there it was. A wine with the name JOSH right on the label. That was fun.

So I decided to look and see if there were other names from my family that may be on the front of a wine bottle. It would make for a great picture to collect those wines and send it off as a holiday card, or maybe a birthday card.

Wine With A First Name In The NameWell, after much research, I didn’t find that many with just first names. However, my family seems to have a lot of these names on the list.  My wife, Dana, has a wine with her name on it, as well as my sister-in-law Stephanie.  And my brother Frank took notice of The Frank Family wines.  That may be their last name, but it’s my brother’s first name. I have another nephew, Adam, that has his name on a bottle.  My other brother, David, has a French wine with his name.  And both my sons have wines with their names…  Well, Cameron does.  Matthew’s name actually is a last name that comes out as Matthews.  (Close enough.)  I have two friends named Scott that bear their name on a bottle… (That’s actually the middle name of the owner. That should count.)  Additionally a business associate of mine named Walt has his name plastered on a label. Again, Walt happens to be the last name at the winery, but my associate proudly buys that wine for his colleagues.

In honor of my partner, the original Wine Ponderer himself, there is a SAINT LAURENT Winery.  I knew Laurent was a good guy, but a SAINT?  Hmmm…


Here is a rather complete list (to my knowledge) of wines that feature first names:

ADAM ••• La Maison Jean-Baptiste Adam Vineyards & Winery / Alsace, France
ADRIENNE ••• EFESTĒ / Woodinville, Washington (not pictured)
ANGELINE ••• Angeline Vineyards & Winery / Santa Rosa, California
BECKER ••• Becker Vineyards / Stonewall, Texas
BOOKER ••• Booker Wines / Paso Robles, California
BYRON ••• Byron Wines / Santa Maria, California
CAMERON ••• Cameron Winery / Dundee, Oregon
DANA ••• Dana Estates / Saint Helena, California
DAVID ••• Château David / Médoc, France
DON ••• Don & Sons Wines / Sonoma, California (not pictured)
FRANK ••• Frank Family Vineyards / Calistoga, California
JOSH ••• Josh Cellars / White Plains, New York
JUSTIN ••• JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery / Paso Robles, California
KRIS ••• Kris Wines / Montvale, New Jersey
LAETICIA ••• Laetitia Vineyard & Winery / Arroyo Grande, California (not pictured)
LAURENT ••• Saint Laurent Estate Winery / Malaga, Washington
LEWIS ••• Lewis Cellars / Napa, California
LINDA ••• Bodega Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda / Mendoza, Argentina (not pictured)
LOLA ••• Steven Kent Winery / Livermore Valley, California
MARION ••• Marion Valpolicella Superiore / Veneto, Italy
MATTHEWS ••• Matthews Winery / Woodinville, Washington
ROD ••• La Mascota Vineyards / Mendoza, Argentina (not pictured)
SCOTT ••• Allan Scott Family Winemakers / Blenheim, New Zealand
STELLA ••• Stella Rosa Winery / Piedmont, Italy
STEPHANIE ••• Hestan Vineyards / Yountville, California
SYDNEY ••• Klipsun Vineyards, Red Mountain AVA, Washington (not pictured)
TESS ••• Tess Winery / Rutherford, California
THOMAS ••• Thomas Wines / Hunter Valley, Cessnock, Australia
WALT ••• Walt Wines / Sonoma, California


Wine Stories – LincourtHere’s one for you – actually two… LINCOURT – named for owner Bill Foley’s two daughters, Lindsay and Courtney.

And just for fun, I did see that there is a STEVENS Winery… but that is their last name… And there is a STEVEN KENT Winery… My brother-in-law’s name is Kent… I think that should count for something.


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    1. That is an awesome last name, Mr. Wine. My last name is Jouvin and the last syllable means wine in French. I always took pride in that, but you take the cake with your oh-so-special last name. You should be getting special pricing when wine shopping! I love that. Thank you so much for commenting, Joel ; )

  1. Walt Jaschek

    Hey, Steve! I read your Wine Ponder post when it arrived in the eblast this morning, LOVED it, will link to it from Facebook, and I thank you / credit you for discovering Walt in the first place!

  2. David

    Great post, Wine Ponder Steve. I love use of first names on labels. It humanizes the product, and with my son’s name Josh, I get more emotionally tied to drinking Josh wine. Since my name is David, I will look for this vintner next time I’m at the wine shop. I’ll most likely spend the whole day looking for all the members’ names in my family, and it’ll become a new hobby… Like collecting and trading baseball cards. Except I won’t trade bottles of namesake wines. I’ll definitely drink them.

  3. David

    I went online to find more family members’ names, and to not only my surprise what I found, it was also a surprise to Wine Ponder Steve. I found my wife’s name, Adrienne, associated with a small winery in the state of Washington, Efeste. Also, I found my daughter’s name, Sydney. The fruit for this carefully hand-crafted dessert wine is sourced exclusively from the famed Klipsun Vineyard in the Red Mountain AVA in Washington.

  4. Steve Jacobson

    I found another winery – 3 Steves… When I went to visit the tasting room, I mentioned that I was the fourth Steve and would like to meet the other guys… Well, they weren’t around… But the wine was quite wonderful… After all, the winery is 3 Steves!!!

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