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Wine Label Clichés

Wine Label Clichés

Though most wine labels show utmost artistic diversity, one could criticize the redundancy of their subject. There’s often a frog, a horse, a pig or an eagle. Others feature a château, a domain or an abandoned ruin of a stone shelter in the middle of a vineyard. Some promote a more traditional style with a gothic font type, and let’s not forget the emblematic shields or coat of arms of old wine domains. So if you’ve ever felt like wine labels are all the same, you now have proof that your hunch is right, thanks to these 10 compilations.

Wine Label Clichés

THE CHÂTEAUX • Some of the most renowned wines feature a château on their label, and their name. Château means a higher grade level of the wine but its usage is carefully regulated in all the countries of the world. The prestigious term is only allowed in France under strict rules. Multiple requests have been attempted by various winemakers in vain. However, some American winemakers have used it in spite of the rule and benefited from quite the caché of the highest possible wine grade – “Sacrilège!”

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Wine Label Clichés – The Châteaux


THE GERMANIC & GOTHIC FONT TYPE • Just as the château mention, gothic letters represent vintage and indicate a wine that had time to rest and age. This style is the opposite of modern and as a result, it may not appeal to younger wine drinkers but it sure works with a lot of the wine aficionado and experts. But don’t be fooled! In some cases, this is just a ruse to get you to buy the wine ; )

Wine Label Clichés – Germanic & Gothic Lettering


THE COAT OF ARMS • Quite effective… A coat of arms shows authority, a certain level of hierarchy and discipline. It conveys a sense of confidence and aspiration that went into the making of the wine. It symbolizes a strong and respected tradition that descends from multiple generations of proud and united winemakers.

Wine Label Clichés – Coat Of Arms


THE GRAPES & VINES • Wine is made of grapes from clusters that grow on vines… so why not use grapes and vines on our label? Why didn’t I think of that sooner? So simple!

Wine Label Clichés – Grapes & Vines


THE BLACK AND WHITE • Is this a reference to a simpler time, a deliberate artistic choice, or just a way to save a buck or two on printing cost? Whatever it is, it sure separates them from the rest of the labels.

Wine Label Clichés – Black & White


THE ARTSY FARTSY • In this category, anything goes! The winemaking artistry of the winemaker transpires to the wine label, and in some cases starting to tell a story to the wine shopper. This is an efficient way to convey a style, in addition to using the more conventional wine notes.

Wine Label Clichés – Artsy Fartsy


THE MONOGRAMS • This is a very emblematic look that features a single letter and/or number. Much quicker than having to read a full word, those letters and numbers are designed to catch the wine shopper’s attention.

Wine Label Clichés – Letters & Numbers


THE ANIMALS & INSECTS • With all the animal lovers out there, winemakers really can’t go wrong with using a rabbit or a fox on their wine label… just not together. Be to check one of our most popular articles labeled Wine With An Animal In The Name.

Wine Label Clichés – Animals & Insects


RED & BLACK • Red is the color of passion. Red is energizing! It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. Like… buying more wine?

Wine Label Clichés – Red & Black


THE MINIMALISTS • Less is more, people!

Wine Label Clichés – The Minimalists


Grapevine Separator


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