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Wine Discounts And Price Tags

Wine Discounts And Price Tags

Buying has become a necessity of our modern times and buyers always love a good discount. When buying a car, a new pair of shoes, or the latest and greatest smartphone, special offers and discounts are always welcome. Wine is no exception.

Wine Discounts

If I happen to be in a grocery store, I’ll tend to migrate towards the wine section just to check it out and make sure everything is where it needs to be [wink] – I don’t necessarily need to buy anything, but I choose not to resist the urge. At the risk of sounding stereotypical and overly inappropriate, this might be the same feeling women get when they go shoe shopping. ; )

So I was at the local grocery store – Pavilions and I decided to go check out their wine section. I was genuinely amazed at the selection and the wide range of wine classifications. It went from the inevitable 1 gallon jugs of table wine (not my table) to some of the most acclaimed fine wines. I’m talking about wines with a $70 to $90 price tag. The one that caught my attention was The Prisoner, a very popular (and very yummy) blend from the Napa Valley.

Wine Discounts – Pavilions Price TagSo as I got closer to the bottle, I was able to read the price tag: $57 a bottle! Depending on the vintage and production levels, the wine averages $40 a bottle STRAIGHT FROM THE WINERY. Why the heck would I pay $57 when I can buy it for $40 from the winemaker himself? I continued to read the price tag in disbelief and noticed the wine was on sale for $39.98. That’s a 30% discount if you are a Pavilions club member! Their sale price equals the regular price everywhere else. Wine Discounts – Whole Foods Price tagFor the sake of discussion, I decided to check out other prices from other stores. I went to Whole Foods which carries the unfortunate stigma to be pricier than other grocery stores. I checked out the same wine, The Prisoner Vintage 2012. Their price: $39.99!

So there you have it. That “special sale” – but I prefer to call it a scheme – from stores like Ralphs, Vons and Pavilions lasts all year long. They jack up prices only to make you believe you’re about to make the deal of the century. Additionally, they give you another discount to the tune of 10% if you buy 6 bottles or more. The first discount is that bright shiny light that flying insects get drawn to. The second discount… well, you know.

So to help you choose your next shopping destination, here is a chart that reflects the price of the wine featured in this article from all the local grocery stores and wine merchants:

Pavilions – $39.98 ($35.99 if you buy 6)
Vons – $39.98 ($35.99 if you buy 6)
K&L – $39.99
Wades Wines – $39.99
BevMo – $39.99
Total Wine & More – $39.99 ($35.99 if you buy 6)
The Prisoner Wine Company (TPWco / Winemaker) – $40

Not too surprisingly, the above chart did not help you at all. Remember one thing, buying wine from a grocery store is fine (I do it too), but it will NEVER replace the experience you get when you go to a store like K&L in Hollywood or Wades Wines in Agoura Hills. Better yet, get your wine directly from the winery! If you are fortunate enough to be living in or near a wine region, it is definitely worth the trip. The people that work there don’t just sell you the wine, they share their passion with you, tell you unique wine stories that only they know, and that my friend, is better than any shameless discount you might get from large corporations. Be safe out there. ; )


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