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My Wine Box Shelf Project

My Wine Box Shelf Project

For years, I have been collecting wooden wine boxes. Without any real project in mind, those precious wooden boxes were neatly piled in a corner of my garage. The piles started getting higher and my organization skills could not keep up with the insane amount of boxes I add accrued. Finding something to do with those wine boxes was no longer a “one-of-these-days” projects – it became a necessity of ample proportion! Seriously… I was just one box short of being called a hoarder ; )

My Wine Box Shelf Project

This past Sunday was a rainy day… The perfect day to find something to do inside the house. I started looking at those wine boxes and putting them next to each other like a puzzle, until the entire composition resembled a very cool shelving unit. There was my project! A very cool shelving unit using those wine boxes. It took my wife and me 5 hours from beginning to end to complete the entire project. It was easy, inexpensive and if done well, the result is worthy of being featured in those high end interior design magazines.

The things you’ll need…

My Wine Box Shelf Project – Layout

For a medium size shelving unit (roughly 25 square feet), you will need 10-12 wine boxes. Wine boxes come in various sizes. Some contain 6 wine bottles while others contain 12 bottles. For a greater visual impact, I personnaly recommend different sizes in length, width, and also depth. You will also need 1.5″ screws with a large head and some plastic or zinc anchors. I used zinc anchors for a stronger hold. Arm yourself with a couple of screw guns (one to drill and another for the screws), a level and a screwdriver. And by screwdriver, I mean the actual tool as opposed to the cocktail of the same name. That said if you’re thirsty, you might consider a glass of wine to sip on while you work!

Wine Box Shelf Project How-To

My Wine Box Shelf Project – Mounting The boxes

Start by laying down the boxes on the floor, right in front of the wall you picked for your shelves. Take your time playing with the wine box layout and make sure you are happy with what you see. There are many ways to assemble those boxes; make sure the design is well balanced before you start drilling holes in your wall! It’s like playing Tetris with wine boxes ; )

Once you’re happy with the overall design, measure the dimensions of the entire composition. Using painter’s tape, draw a rectangle on your wall to make sure you like its placement. Visit wunder mold website.

My Wine Box Shelf Project – Template

Drill 4 holes, 1 in each corner of the wine boxes. For consistency sake and a cleaner result, I used a template that allowed me to drill exactly at the same place in all the boxes.

Once all the boxes are drilled, you can mount them on the wall starting with the lower row. Use the pre-drilled holes in the boxes to mark and drill the holes in the wall. Place the 4 anchors in the holes and mount each wine box using 4 screws. Continue until all the boxes are safely mounted to the wall.

And voilà! Next thing you know, you’re done. You may reward yourself with another glass of wine.

My Wine Box Shelf Project – Final Result

Make extra bonus points by using some of the lids to create little hidden spaces. As I said, the result is quite phenomenal. So no more excuses! Use those wine boxes for a home-improvement project that is as classy as it is useful. Not only will you and your family enjoy the new shelves, you might even be able to park your car in your garage. Until next time… Santé my wine friends!

Don’t throw away, recycle! I have been collecting wine related items for many years – Wine corks, tin capsules, wooden wine boxes and crates, wine barrels, wine labels, etc. in the hope to create and design something amazing later, and share it with the rest of you. Speaking of wine collectables, check out this impressive collection of wine bottles. You will not believe how many bottles he was able to collect!

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  1. Karl Gunter

    Very nice job, Laurent!
    I particularly like position of the box on the upper R.
    It adds a certain “je ne sais quois” (high school french), being a bit out of conventional overall balance, while balancing the one on the extreme L. My eye likes it. Good on you!

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